YouTube-platform für театральних фільмів von 4 европейски Theaterprojekten:

Agency for Safe Space (Хамбург)
Bürgerbühne (Київ)
Галерея Safe Космосу
Театър Replika (Софія)

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"Місто з собою" ("Die Stadt zum Mitnehmen") - theatrical film

with the support of German Federal Foreign Office:
Theatre 4 National Affairs

This is a new YouTube-platform for theatrical films, which are created specifically for online viewing. Theatre 4 National Affairs is a joint project of four European theatres and was opened on 11th of December 2021.

Theatre 4 National Affairs works as real theatre with its own repertoire, which consists of performances, workshops and lectures. Here will be shown real theatrical films, professionally shot and edited. Also workshops and lectures will be prepared specifically for online participation in high aesthetic and technical quality.


Theatrical film "Місто з собою" ("Die Stadt zum Mitnehmen"), project Misto to Go (Ukraine-Germany), joint production by PostPlayTheater and Agency for Safe Space, with the support of the "Eastern Partnership" program of the German Federal Foreign Office

Duration: 23:45, in Russian with English subtitles


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Theatre 4 National Affairs is a joint project of Agency for Safe Space (Hamburg), Replica Theatre (Sofia), Galereya Bezopasnogo Kosmossa and Theatre for Citizens (Kyiv).

with the support of KULTURGEMEINSCHAFTEN

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