«HEIMATRAUM. Bautzen part two: Steffi»

Theatrical film
Theatrical film “Steffi” by HeimaTraum. Bautzen
17th - 24th of January 2022

This film is about being a punk in Saxony. But Steffi used to speak with left wing people as well as with right wing people. And always takes care of animals and people.
“Steffi” is the second film of the trilogy HeimaTraum. Three theatrical films.
There are three short theatrical films about four women from Saxony and Syria. They have very different fates and personal stories, but all of them tried to start a new life after the DDR crashed or after escaping from the war in Syria.
These films are included in the interdisciplinary theatre project HeimaTraum by Georg Genoux and Anastasia Tarkhanova at the Thespis Center in Bautzen (Saxony).

More Information: www.fremdland.org

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